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Consulting and Assessment Service

Identify Opportunities to Improve Your Production Process
Automation consultants provide hands-on manufacturing experience to help you identify the people, process, and equipment issues that can hinder production performance in every aspect of your plant operations. From manufacturing automation to information solutions, our staff will associate with you from start to finish: identifying, justifying, planning and executing your solution.

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On-site support Service

With our On -Site Support Services, you can obtain Automation field support engineers to assist your maintenance staff with preventive and reactive tasks.Field support engineers are available on as needed, scheduled, or full-time basis to meet your specific needs and maintenance strategy.

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Repair Service

With Repair Services, you will have a single source solution for all of your electrical, electronic, mechanical, and servo product repairs. Each item you send for repair (or we can pick it up through our Board Runner Pickup Service) goes through our Circuit Performance Reliability diagnostics process that checks the entire unit for damage, even if the source problem is found early in the process. All repaired units are covered by a warranty that covers the entire unit, not just the repaired components.

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Faster time to market
Lower total cost of ownership
Better asset management / optimization
Broader manufacturing business risk management
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